Leaflets for Eltham North

Over the course of each year we distribute a large number of letters and leaflets to Eltham North residents to keep them informed of what is happening in the area.  An archive of some of these publications is presented below.

Annual Report 2019

Reporting Back_A3 Eltham North Summer 2019

Winter 2018-19

In Touch EN, Winter 2018-19

Autumn 2017 In Touch

This leaflet was delivered across the ward in October 2017.

EN In Touch, Autumn 2017

Spring 2017 In Touch

Unfortunately this leaflet was never printed as the General Election came along and meant it was superceded by a range of national literature, but I think it still gives an update on issues in Eltham North and what your Councillors and wider team have been doing.

Eltham North In Touch Spring 2017

Summer 2016 In Touch & Annual Report

This leaflet was delivered across the ward in the summer of 2016.  At this stage no election was expected and this contrasts with the approach of other parties who seem unwilling to contact residents unless they need their votes.

Summer 2016 EN – Annual Report

Summer 2015 In Touch

The leaflet was distributed to select areas around the ward.

In Touch Q3 2015

Please do contact me if you have any questions about the articles.

Beyond the Conservative Party in Eltham, various residents’ association publish some very informative newsletters.  The more recent ones I have received can be found here:

Eltham Park Residents’ Association: