Building a list of shops and services for local residents during lockdown

Eltham resident Martha has been contributing to the Eltham North Community Network and has put together a list of the local shops/services that are open to serve our local community.  We are all so grateful to Martha for her work on this, but it is probably only a snapshot.   Martha has asked that if you have any more shops that are open as takeaways or for deliveries,  that you let us know so we can add them to this list.

We’ll keep trying to update the list as and when we have more information.

List of local shops and services that are open to serve our community 240520

Thanks again to Martha for her work on this list, which we really hope will help people in Eltham navigate the tricky business of living as normally as possible during the lockdown.

You can email any additions to the list to your local Councillors at:-

  • Cllr Linda Bird:
  • Cllr Charlie Davis:
  • Cllr Spencer Drury: