Bin collections on normal days over the Bank Holiday weekend

I’m not sure if everyone saw this, but all bin collections will proceed on the normal days over the Easter Weekend.  So Friday’s bins will be emptied on Good Friday and Monday’s on Easter Monday, and other days next week as per the normal schedule.

Normally, special Easter collection schedules apply as per other bank holidays but the crews will work over the weekend to do their best to keep the service on track.  Cllr David Gardner (who is the Cabinet Member for Public Realm) wrote to all Councillors to ask them to make sure residents knew that things would carry on as normal so they didn’t miss their bin collections this week.

David wrote: “Our refuse and recycling staff have really rallied to keep the service going, despite many obviously having to self isolate or having family members isolating.  While we have put in place what measures we can to ensure the best hygiene, the very nature of the job is that it cannot be risk-free.  Along with so many council and other public sector staff working in different fields, they have valiantly continued to deliver essential services through the emergency.”

Unfortunately, there are bound to be a few disruptions and delays but I know we will all be patient at this difficult time.  The Council has asked that we try to minimise waste during the current crisis to lighten the load for the crews.

I’ve got to be honest, I think the staff working on the bins have, once again, done an amazing job keeping this service running and I am truly grateful for all their hard work over the Easter break.  Thank you to everyone involved.