Latest update from Greenwich Trading Standards – potential scam

I thought it might be useful for residents to be made aware of the latest update from Greenwich Trading Standards, which reads as follows:

Trading Standards Scam Alert – 30th October 2019

Please be aware that if you receive a telephone call from the mobile number 07405 489347 and they purport to be a Police Officer or Trading Standards Officer calling regarding recent works carried out at your property this is a scam.

This office has received a number of calls about this scam, the call has come after consumers have had works carried out on their property and been a victim of doorstep crime.

The Police and Trading Standards always advise businesses or residents to check IDs of callers. If they do not have ID or you are suspicious of an ID they show you, ask them to wait whilst you verify their credentials.

You can then check if they are a genuine Royal Greenwich member of staff by telephoning the Royal Greenwich Council main switchboard number on 020 8854 8888 and ask to be put through to the department they are claiming they are from.

For the Police, Call 101 the non-emergency number to check the identity of a police officer.