New website launched for Eltham North police

The Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have launched a new website for the area:  Obviously this isn’t a replacement for an actual police station (something I have continued to raise in Full Council meetings much to the Cabinet Member’s annoyance) but it seems to be the Mayor of London’s plan for future community contact.

Eltham North Conservative Councillors Spencer Drury and Charlie Davis outside Eltham Police Station.

The website has been sent round to Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators in Eltham North ward with a short email which informed residents that:

  • There were no burglaries in Eltham North ward in July.
  • There were 14 incidents of motor vehicle crime during July ranging from number plates being removed, vehicles being broken into and valuable removed to vehicles being stolen.

 Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators were also informed that  “Although Eltham Police station has been closed since the winter we do have community contact session and the details of these are on the met police website under Eltham North click on the meetings tab close to the bottom of the webpage.”

Meeting are currently being held in McDonalds, Eltham High Street with the hope that a few more could be hosted in Marks & Spencer’s Café.  The team did ask for suggestions for more venues so I have suggested Pottery on the Parade, the community room at the bottom of the Well Hall Tower Block and the Progress Hall.  Any more suggestions, please do let me know and I will pass them on.