Planning Inspectorate dismisses developers’ Orangery appeal

Just a brief post to note that the Planning Inspectorate has dismissed the developer’s appeal against the Council’s decision to refuse them permission to build flats on the site besides the Marks and Spencers car park in Eltham.

You can see the decision here:

Cllr Charlie Davis outside the building which has been the subject of the planning appeal.

It seems to me (and please do read the decision yourself) that the reasons for the appeal relate mostly to the impact of the block of flats on the Orangery building and the provision of disabled parking.  Personally I would have thought that there were other issues, but it really does stress the need for the Council to come up for a proper plan for this section of Eltham which is sympathetic to the surrounding residents and buildings.

Eltham Conservatives have long suggested that this is an ideal site for a proper town square with heritage buildings on two sides.  It would be great to see this investigated and a proper town centre plan developed for the area.  It is interesting to see in point 12 the mention of the Town Centre Plan given the Council’s unwillingness to review the plan (as it is no longer applicable) as expressed in their answers to my fellow Councillor Charlie Davis.

The actual response from the inspector is here:

Orangery Lane Appeals dismissed 19.07.2018. (3191952-3197692 Appeal Decisions)