Update on road closures and pipes being dug up around Eltham

Given the number of schemes going on in Eltham North ward at the moment, I thought an update might be worthwhile.  This is based on information received from the Council Officer responsible for Strategic Transportation today.

Road closure around the Conservative Office (Westmount/Glenlea junction) – The road closure is only directional and has been done this way so there are only two way lights. The traffic lights should be removed by Monday before 8am or the gas company will be charged £2500 for each day that they remain on site. Unfortunately they will now be working both Saturday and Sunday till 19.00 to achieve this as they have encountered technical engineering difficulties.

There is however some good news on the three utility projects in Eltham North ward where the two gas projects are nearing completion. On the Westmount Road project only Eltham Park Gardens is left to start and this shouId not require a road closure.  Dobell Road has just opened again to two way traffic.
The other project on the Progress Estate has a number of roads to complete but most won’t require road closures. The one way that is presently being implemented in Ross Way and Phineas Pett Road will go on for some time as gas have encountered engineering difficulties. The listed wall on the elevated footway in Ross Way has the existing main under its footings. They are having to open cut a new main whilst keeping as gas supply to the immediately affected houses. This will be a slow process as the working area is also restricted.
The third project for UK Power will be a cause of disruption. The size of the trench means that every road it touches will need at least a directional closure. The Council has avoided the worst disruption on this project in directing the use of the closed Foxhole Road foot tunnel to cross both the A2 and Railway. The trench across Well Hall Road was completed prior to the re-surfacing. The route can be seen here (ukpn eltham-sydenham proposed cable route) and presently they have only covered 2/3 of Dumbreck Road and nearly completed Eltham Palace Road. They have half of Middle Park Avenue to complete and we have the remainder of the roads to be completed in the school summer holidays.
The Council Officers concerned are on the three sites nearly every day to check progress and the quality of reinstatement once trenches have been completed.