Final Plan for Arsenal Road 20 mph zone published

Following the statutory consultation on the Council’s plans for introducing a 20 mph zone around the north part of Eltham North ward (named the Arsenal Road 20 mph zone although it includes Crookston and Dairsie Roads) the Council has finally sent me the detailed plans for the speed humps in the area.

The final write up from Officers was that there had been a number of minor tweaks to the initial design following feedback received from the Arsenal Road Area 20mph zone consultation. It was decided that softer measures (20mph Roundels) were better suited for Heatherbank as majority of residents were not supportive of speed humps. In addition, the road conditions meant other traffic calming options will not be feasible without having an adverse impact on traffic flows and parking.

Added to the above, residents of Dairsie Road requested officers to look at increasing the measures proposed at the time and therefore, in line with current legislation 2 additional humps will be introduced outside No. 19 and 72. Another hump which was proposed outside 153/155 Dairsie Road will be relocated to 146/148 to reduce speeds on the approach to the junction with Crookston Road.

 The rest of the zone will be implemented as per the initial consultation plan,.  The roads within the zone where we will be installing humps are: Arsenal Road, Brome Road, Congreve Road, Crookston Road, Dairsie Road, Granby Road, Grangehill Road, Lovelace Green, Maudsley Road, Prince Rupert Road and Shrapnel Road.

I hope this all makes sense – as ever speed humps seldom make all residents happy, but in this case I think the Council has respected the wishes of local residents (ie installing them where they are wanted and not elsewhere).  Charlie and I will continue to make sure full consultations are conducted for these plans and residents’ wishes are respected.

You can see a pdf of the detailed design here:

Arsenal Road 20 mph speed humps – Detailed Design