Planning Application to turn garage into new house

Rochester Way New House 2

Following on from my previous post about planning, I don’t think it is possible to put them all up, but perhaps a few which are of interest would be useful.

The latest application is to turn two garages into a new detached house (what it will look like in the end is pictured right).  The new site will have a separate entrance into Rochester Way and I don’t have any problems with it as a specific proposal.  What I think it open for further debate is the extent to which the Council could/should allow local residents to convert their garages into houses.  Where I live a lot of people have garages behind or beside their houses, often with a separate access road and I can see the attraction of converting it to a smaller bungalow for children who can’t afford to move out or older parents.  However, these sorts of changes could make a real difference to Eltham’s community and the way we live, so I think the Council’s Planning Department needs to make clear in this decision that it is not setting a precedent beyond this specific application.

The site on the Rochester Way is shown below and the application number is 17/0873/F which you can use to search for it on the Council’s Planning Portal (

Rochester Way New House 1