Tell the government what you think about flights over Eltham

Over the last two months my colleagues Cllr Matt Clare and Mandy Brinkhurst have asked some questions which I know are of interest to Eltham North residents.  Those of us woken early by aircraft noise will feel passionately about the opportunity to make our views heard.  I know residents consider this to be more of a problem in the summer when windows might be open or when babies are woken (both complaints I have heard) but if you can find the time to respond, it may well make a difference to the number of aircraft buzzing over our heads each day/night.


There are two consultations:


UK Airspace Policy Consultation (respond by 25th May 2017) which looks at the general way airspace will be used in the UK in years to come.  This can be found at


Heathrow Airport consultation (respond by 25th May 2017) which is probably particualrly relevant in Eltham as many of the flights which queue over us are waiting to land at Heathrow.  This can be found at‎.




Although there is not much time, it is also worth looking to see if you can respond to the consultation on night flights from various London airports.  I am pretty sure that these are the ones which seem to have increased in recent year.   This is the Night flight restrictions at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted which closes on 28th February and can be found at:


The questions and answers from my colleagues can be seen below:

Planes Jan 2017 Planes Question Feb 2017


You may also be interested in the HACAN newsletter on flights together with the points they are making in response to the consultations.