Parking problems outside Westmount Road shops

Over the last year, with the Council’s introduction of parking controls in residential roads around southern Eltham Park, there have been an increased number of complaints from both residents and businesses about the difficulty of parking outside the shops in Westmount Road.

Parking tweet shop local

Although the parking outside the shops is time limited (30 mins free) it appears to many people that this is not enforced, meaning that instead of a steady stream of shoppers dropping in to pick up shopping, flowers, DIY materials and so on, potential shoppers drive past without stopping.  Given how important it is that we support local shops (hence the recent #shoplocal #westmountroadshops campaign on twitter) it really is vital that as individuals we don’t park in the free parking spaces for longer than we should or when we aren’t using the shops.


As a Councillor, I am keen to support the shops as they are a vital part of our community.  I have been in regular contact with Officers to try and ensure that the parking restrictions are enforced, not to raise revenue but to help support the shops.  The Council has undoubtedly tried to increase its level of enforcement with more wardens visting, but given the level of complaints, I suspect their service has not met everyone’s expectations.


The Council inform me that the enforcement team will continue to visit regularly and will respond to specific reports of illegal parking through their Contact Centre numbers. As a reminder these are 020 8921 4339, between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 020 8854 8888 at all other times.


Obviously as the ward Councillor (with Cllr Charlie Davis), I will continue to put to the Council the frustrations residents and businesses feel, however, the use of the internal complaints procedure for the Council may also add weight to the concerns that I raise.   If you would like to complain about the level of enforcement using the Council’s internal procedures, the link is on the website at:


If you could copy me in at I’d be really grateful as I can then follow up as your Councillor.


I know this is a really important issue for shops and residents – we need to resolve it to ensure that the Westmount Parade continues to thrive.  It may also be appropriate for residents and businesses to address this issue through their responses to the CPZ parking consultation which is currently happening – details can be found in my blog here: