Latest round of consultation for Eltham’s Controlled Parking Zones begins

As a special Christmas present, Greenwich Council have been delivering consultation forms to homes across Eltham asking for residents’ views on the continuation/extension of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) introduced earlier this year.


There were substantial changes made to the CPZ’s at the start of the year and Conservative Councillors secured a commitment from the Council that they would review the situation after six months.  Although the Council is a little late with the review, it is now taking place, with paper surveys being distributed to a number of roads around Eltham.


Your Conservative Councillors have asked whether the survey might be made more convenient to use on the Council’s website, but there was a reluctance to do this and so we have set up our own electronic version so that more residents can give their opinion (positive or negative) on the changes.  Obviously this also gives residents outside the consultation area the opportunity to comment on changes for their roads.  Our survey has exactly the same questions on as the Council’s survey and mirrors the two versions available (one for those currently inside CPZs and another for those outside).  Our aim is to collate the responses and send them to the Council as a single document a day or so prior to the deadline for replies in order to ensure that everyone (whether they received the paper survey or not) can have their voices heard.


The survey can be found at:


  1. For residents who currently live in a CPZ in Eltham, please fill in the survey here:


(the Council have only suggested newly created CPZs respond, but we think everyone should have the right to do so, so please fill it in if you live in a CPZ area anywhere in Eltham).


  1. For residents who do not currently live in a CPZ in Eltham, please fill in the survey here:


(once again the Council has a limited number of roads allowed to respond, but we will include any responses from across Eltham).


Just to be clear our policy is for residents to decide whether they want to have a CPZ in their own road – this should be a local decision rather than one where the Council imposes its view upon residents regardless of their views.


We think it is particularly important in replying to this survey to make suggestions if you think the CPZ could be improved in the way it operates eg changing the hours where parking is restricted or returning free parking to western Glenlea Road behind the station.  Council Officers simply won’t have the local knowledge that you do, so feedback is really important point if they are to make the right decisions.


Other points we would make when filling in the forms are:

  1. On the “Review and Attitude Survey” (for people not currently in a CPZ), please be aware that the Council will consider a reply of YES to question 2 (If the neighbouring streets were included within a CPZ, would you prefer your street also to be brought under control to prevent possible parking displacement?) as supporting the introduction of a CPZ regardless of your answer to question 1.
  2. On the Council website, it appears to have a longer deadline for response if you live outside of a CPZ currently, however, none of the documentation we have seen internally has that later date on it, so we strongly advise (and will be working towards) responding for the 31st January deadline.
  3. The consultation can be responded to on the Council’s website ( however, you cannot fill the forms in online, but instead must print them off, complete and either return by post or scan for electronic return. An email to the Officer responsible MUST follow the same format as the relevant survey form if it is to be included in the response.  If you do email Mr Hanson directly, please do copy in Cllr Charlie Davis ( or Cllr Spencer Drury (
  4. The areas being considered for a further extension of the CPZ are shown below.  All households should receive a consultation document if they are in the areas marked in yellow.

ES Extension Proposed Dec 2016 MPS Extension Proposed Dec 2016 EW Extension Proposed Dec 2016 EN Eltham Park Extension Proposed Dec 2016 EN Extension Proposed Dec 2016