Eltham North police team provides August update for residents

One of the things the Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) does well is send round a monthly (well mostly monthly) summary of all the crimes in the ward.  While I know this only gives a flavour of what is happening, I find it gives a useful idea of what is happening in the local area.


Below are the key facts and figures as sent round for August, but if you want more detail, it is worth looking at the Metropolitan Police’s central site (http://www.met.police.uk/crimefigures/datatable.php?ward=e05000218&borough=rg&period=year) which gives an overview of the ward and Greenwich Borough as a whole.


The SNT informed us that there were 6 burglaries (Rochester Way; Rochester Way (Attempt); Westmount Road; Dumbreck Road; Sowerby Close & Glenlyon Road (Shed)) and a car stolen on the Rochester Way.   Cars were also broken into on Dunblane Road, Well Hall Road and Grangehill Road.


The bulletin also summarised an accident on Westmount Road:

“PCSOs Snook and Piner were first on scene to a road traffic collision involving an 8 year old boy on Westmount Road. PCSO Snook provided first aid whilst PCSO Piner liaised with the control room and arranged for an ambulance. Luckily the boy only sustained minor grazes to his knees and ankles.”


And another on Rochester Way:


“PC McDermid and PCSO Piner were first on scene to a road traffic collision on Rochester Way whereby a male had been knocked off of his bicycle by a car. He was conveyed to hospital but sustained no major injuries.”


More interesting/worrying was an account of events on Eltham High Street this summer:


“The team dealt with an armed robbery on Eltham High Street. A man armed with a machete went into several stores before being chased by PCs McDermid and O’Hara he managed to get across several roofs of stores on the south side of the high street before jumping from the roof of the old Poundland onto a member of public’s car where he was detained by PCSO Piner and PC Harris-Jones.  PCSO Snook, PC Craven and PC Power helped with searching for the weapon, crime scene management and witness statements.”


Changes in personnel

We also have a new Sergeant, Peter Ward who supervises both Eltham North and Shooters Hill wards.  There were some concerns over this, but it appears that this works better in combination with Sgt Catmull (our old Sgt) who now manages Eltham South ward following her return from maternity leave.


We also have a new dedicated ward Officer, PC Craven and another Officer joined the team at the end of July PC Mark Power.