A lesson in how not to consult Eltham’s residents.

Last week I wrote about my concerns over the way the Council was refusing to publish the results of the consultation over Parks Management, one of the excuses being that the results weren’t reliable as not enough young people had got involved in the online survey (which wasn’t really advertised).


This week, I received a letter from the esteemed Deputy Leader of the Council inviting me to consultation meetings about the Greener Greenwich Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan.  Have a look at the meeting times shown below and see if you can spot the difference in how Eltham is treated as compared to other parts of the Borough.

Consultation times

That’s right – everywhere else in the Borough except Eltham gets the opportunity of an evening meeting enabling people who work during the day to attend .


Now if you were really concerned that your Parks consultation had produced a skewed result, maybe you would learn from this and try to be consistent across the whole Borough when you held this one.


Or, of course, maybe you don’t care about the views of Eltham residents or indeed, what the outcome of this consultation might be.


Alternatively I suppose it could just be incompetence from the lost corporate memory after the Council recently laid off a huge tranche of experienced people who knew what they were doing.