Scaffolding on the High Street to be renewed and (hopefully) eventually removed

Following an enquiry from a resident I have been chasing the Council to see if they can do anything to help sort out the increasingly ugly looking mess which is the scaffolding between the Bathroom Store and Lidls.  I have now had it confirmed that the scaffolding will be replaced in August 2016 and “a new protected scaffolding will be erected around the entire building immediately – dependent on the Lidls management agreement and a new Scaffolding license being issued and signed.”  I am not sure that this is a massive improvement on the current situation, but it will look better and hopefully stop any pieces from falling off (as can happen with the current aged structure).  In the long run the work on the buildings should be completed so that the scaffolding is completely removed.

ScaffoldingInitially the Council Officers informed me that there was nothing they could do about the scaffolding, informing me in an email that:

the scaffolding has been erected on privately owned land.  As it is not on public highway it does not require a license from Highways and needs no permission from Building Control. Unfortunately, the Council has no control over the length of time it is in place.


Following this, I was contacted the Eltham Regeneration Manager who spoke with the management company and confirmed a programme of works on the whole building which should last around 17 weeks.  The expectation is that the work to be completed will include:

  • Replacement of the roof with new felting
  • Rendering and cladding of the exterior of the building
  • Painting all the elevations

I think that the negotiations between different parties have taken some time (which explains the presence of the scaffolding) but hopefully agreements will be reached in the near future so that the alleyway can be cleared again.