Helping to develop Conservative housing policy – a view from Eltham


I am really pleased to be able to announce that the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) has published is first national discussion paper since the 2015 General Election with a focus on housing.

If you are not familiar with it, the CPF’s brief is to encourage members to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain and use their responses to help inform the choices that the government makes.  In this particular case, housing is the issue which comes up on the doorstep in Eltham and across Greenwich repeatedly  and I am not convinced that any party currently has a policy which makes a serious attempt to solve all of the problems.  So discussion of this issue, seems to me to be both relevant for us in south east London but also really important so that national politicians hear what ordinary people are saying across the country.

Attending the Eltham and Greenwich Conservative Policy Meeting

The Eltham and Greenwich CPF meeting to discuss housing will take place on:

Time and date:  Saturday 28th May at 1pm

Venue:  Greenwich Conservatives Office, 74 Westmount Road, Eltham, SE9 1JE

Unfortunately the Conservative Office will only hold up to 30 people so if you would like to attend, please can you email me ( in advance to confirm your attendance.  If you attend on the day without notice, we will try to fit you in, but those who have booked will be given priority.

Background information

The CPF have produced a set of briefing documents which will be available at the meeting but you may want to read through in advance.  These can be found at

In addition, you may wish to look at some think tank reports including two from the Centre for Policy Studies ‘Who will fix London’s housing crisis?’ and ‘A suggestion for the Housing and Planning Minister’ and a more political view from the Fabian Society entitled ‘Osborne the builder?’.

So if you would like to attend next weekend, please do let me know.  Whether you are a member or just a Conservative supporter or interested resident, it would be great to meet you and hear what you have to say about this absolutely vital issue and how the government should approach it.