Has the Council missed the boat on Gallions Reach and Belvedere river crossings?

Today I received an email from TfL informing me that it had published the consultation report on the river crossing proposed for Gallions Reach or Belevedere.  The wording seemed clear and read:


Between 2 December 2015 to 12 February 2016, we held a public consultation on proposals for new river crossings at Gallions Reach and Belvedere. We received over 4,500 responses from members of the public, businesses and other stakeholders offering their views.


Respondents expressed overwhelming support for the crossings, with almost 90 per cent supporting a new crossing at Gallions Reach, Belvedere or at both locations. There was also strong support for the potential public transport options presented as part of the consultation.


We also learned more about the predicted use of both crossings, with around 40 per cent of respondents saying they would use Gallions Reach and/or Belvedere by car, nearly 30 per cent by public transport and around 10 per cent by foot or on a bicycle.

You can find out more about the results in our recently published consultation report.


This report also includes responses to key issues raised throughout the consultation, and can be found by visiting our website.”


Not particularly controversial I thought, especially as Greenwich Council seemed to have contributed as it was mentioned at various points in the report on the consultation responses.


But then at 5.15pm there arrived an email from the Council entitled “Individual Member Non-Key Decision (Cllr Thorpe): Response to Transport for London consultation on the proposed Gallions Reach and Belvedere river crossings”.


Now I don’t want to seem unreasonable, but what is going on?  Has the Council submitted a response or not?  I guess either TfL is making up responses for the Council or Greenwich submitted it without telling anyone that is what they were doing.


Secretive?  Disorganised?  Plus ca change……