New ward fund supports junior parkrun for Eltham Park South

I am pleased to confirm that Eltham North Ward Councillors ‎have been the first to use the new Ward Budgets to support a cause in their area.  The Leader of the Council has agreed to allow us to use £3,000 of the £30,000 allocation to help introduce a junior parkrun event to Eltham Park South.

I think this event will be another way of drawing more people to the wonderful Eltham Park South and continuing to support the park’s cafe, making it even more of a focus for the community.

Despite the fact Wynn, Linda and I are from different parties I think we all felt that any submissions that we could make which commanded the support from all three of us would clearly be non-political and focused on improving things in our area.  In this case, the parkrun set up costs include the range of IT that they use to time competitors – something I have seen used when visiting the parkrun in Avery Hill Park with my son.

Given my long term backing for the last decade for Councillors to be able to allocate funds to causes they want to support in their wards, I am so pleased that this scheme is now finally in place and that Eltham North has been the first to use it.

Wynn and I have already met with other residents to discuss alternative schemes and I think all of us would really like to hear from any groups in Eltham North ward who have suggestions for how the funds can be used.