Final stage of Controlled Parking Zone consultation published

Almost two years after the first consultation the final stage of the Council’s proposals for Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) in Eltham Park has started with the formal publication of the Traffic Orders.

Before going any further, I would like to restate my position that the introduction of any CPZs is a matter for local residents. I originally championed the ‎section of the Council’s policy which makes clear that any road should approve a CPZ before it is introduced and the zones should not be forced on residents who do not want them. This democratic element seems to have been abandoned here, with some roads in favour (like Glenlea Road) and some against (like the southern part of Glenesk Road) all being included in a CPZ regardless of their views.  I am aware that the Labour Party are spreading lies about me opposing the introduction of all the zones, but I want to be clear that I am on the side of the residents and am simply encouraging residents to make their views clear.  Local Labour politicians have expressed strong support for the zones regardless of consultation results, but personally I think the decision to introduce one or not should rest with residents.


Moving on to the actual Traffic Orders, these can be found here – Eltham CPZs – Signed NoP. The Traffic Orders are the final step before the introduction of the CPZs and buried on the second page in section 5 is the address to write to in order to make your views clear.  The address given (please note no email) is Royal Borough of Greenwich, PO Box 485, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX (quoting reference PCL/TMO/CW/1000002629).   As you can tell, this arrangement is not designed to encourage response, but the deadline for replies is 10th November and I would encourage everyone to respond if they have a view on the parking outside of their homes. In particular, I have found that the timings of the zone seems to make a difference to residents’ support for a CPZ probably as they have a material impact on whether they will be able to park outside their own home for most of the day.


I think it is worth restating exactly what the proposals are for Eltham Park.


  • A new controlled parking zone (EO) will be created covering Elderslie Road, Glenure Rad, Greenholm Road, Glenesk Road (from Glenure to Bexley Roads) and Westmount Road (from Gourock Road to Eltham High Street).  This will restrict parking to permit holders from 11am to 12.30pm from Monday to Friday.
  • The existing Eltham Station CPZ (E) will be extended into Eltham Park (and elsewhere) to include Glenlea Road, Glenlyon Road, Glenshiel Road, Glenesk Road (from Glenlea Road to Glenure Road) and Westmount Road (from Glenlea to Glenure Roads).
  • Pay and Display parking will be introduced on Glenlea Road (to the back of Eltham Station).  The hours would be 9am to 5.30pm from Mondays to Saturdays and I think the charge is £0.80 per hour.  There are no residents on the western side of Glenlea Road, so I think anyone with a view should be able to comment on this with equal weight.
  • Removing all free parking spaces currently on the western part of Glenlea Road which may well have an impact on the number of people dropping in to use the parade of shops on Westmount Road.
  • North of Glenlea Road there will be no zone introduced and residents there who would like one may wish to write in to ask for a review within a time period of say six months.  Obviously residents can also offer a view on the proposals as they have been published, but as I have said previously, this is probably an issue for individual roads rather than those who live elsewhere.


There are some additional double yellow lines planned for different junctions (like Eltham Park Gardens and Glenesk Road) together with some changes to the conditions around Glenlea Road and Gourock Road which might be worth looking into in more detail for residents of those roads.


Which leads to the often asked question of cost – currently for zones EO and E it is £57pa for a permit for up to two vehicles with visitors’ permits costing £7 for 10 vouchers.  Zone EC is more expensive with a residents’ permit costing £82pa and visitors’ vouchers costing £3.40 each for a day.  However, it is worth bearing in mind that the Council’s parking budget is not hitting its target and there is an expectation that these prices may well increase in the future.


I think that this covers all of the proposals as they stand.  In honesty, I am not convinced by the process which led to these proposals which despite extensive consultation seem not to reflect the views of all residents or indeed the recommendations of Officers.  However, we are where we are and all I can do is urge residents and businesses to respond to the final stage of the process of introducing/changing the controlled parking zones with their own views (supportive or not).


If you have any questions or would like to copy me your responses so I know what residents are thinking, please do not hesitate to contact me on

(The difficulty in commenting on the Traffic Orders put me in mind of the clip below)